We’re in a dogfight – Bent

Spurs have had a poor start to the season and are rock bottom in the Premier League.

Bent told the Sun: “We’re under no illusions we’re in a dogfight here. But we’re all prepared.

“We’re down there. Everyone picks up the paper or watches TV and looks at the table. Spurs are bottom of the league.

“The perfect way to kick-start our season would be to get something at Stoke before we start thinking about Arsenal.

“We don’t want to be thinking too far ahead and then forget about Stoke.

“People say we need to be out of the relegation zone before we face Arsenal.

“But if it doesn’t happen then we’ll have to go to Arsenal and get something. No one gave us a chance of getting anything at Chelsea and we did. We know we need to win a couple of games to get out of there and we’re all ready to do that.”

He added: “It’s hurting me, it’s hurting all the players. No one wants to pick up the paper every day and see something about the manager going. It’s not nice. But we know we haven’t performed up to now.

“We’ve got the players to move up the league. You can’t put your finger on any one thing that’s gone wrong. It’s a number of things.

“It’s been disappointing but we know that if we play as well as we can, then we can beat anyone.

“It’s important that Ramos stays and sees the job through. He’s a fantastic manager and won us the Carling Cup in his first season.

“You have to give a man like that time. You can’t just act hastily on it and we know it’s not his fault. It’s our fault we haven’t performed on the pitch so we need to pull it around.”