West Ham boss Zola wants to follow Arsenal

Zola insists he will not sacrifice entertainment for results with the Hammers.

“If I can get my team to play in the same way as Arsenal then I will be very happy,” he said.

“Certainly right now Arsenal are one of the teams that not only plays the best football in England, but also in Europe.

“People want to watch nice football everywhere nowadays. You have to produce quality, goals and entertainment and everybody looks up to teams like them.

“Entertainment is vital and that is what we’re here for. It’s not just a war where you need to get victory at all costs.

“We want to make it enjoyable and people forget about that and are carried away by results and the league table but that’s not for us.”

He continued: “I like working with this team. When I first came here I was told that I was going to work with this team and I tried to make things better.

“I am not thinking about anything else. Anything else that comes will be an extra bonus. My task here is to work with the players and improve them.

“It will be easier to spend £20million on that player or £30million on that player but improving players is what I enjoy about the job.

“I’m not concerned about the lack of money. I think we can do well with this team.”