West Ham’s Dailly: Things are turning around

The Hammers will face Watford in an important match in the Premiership tomorrow.

Dailly said: “Watford beat us in the FA Cup a few weeks ago but this is a completely different game.

“We are slowly beginning to come into form and we would have beaten Watford before had we got ourselves in front. But now is the time to produce a performance and pick up the points.

“It is a must-win game but, at the same time, we have to keep a level head. We need to stay calm, play sensible football and then we can start to hurt them and get our noses in front.

“The players seem to think something is beginning to happen here – they are certainly hoping so and what we do know is that three points will give us a huge boost.

“Many have said we are not getting the luck at the moment and I suppose we haven’t always had the rub of the green.

“But you can’t go around saying we lost this match and that match because of bad luck. You have to find another solution.”