Wigan boss confident they will bounce back

Spurs ace Jermain Defoe scored five goals in the game and Martinez admits they must react following the poor result at White Hart Lane.

“It was an extremely bad performance from our point of view,” he told Sky Sports.

“The way we gave the first three goals especially. The way we started the game in the first 10 minutes and the way we started the second half – that’s not up to our standard at all.

“We really got punished. We showed moments of naivety in key moments which Spurs took advantage of and they scored the goals.

“The performance up to the fourth goal is something that cannot happen again. After that it’s just a matter of trying to not allow the damage in that performance carry on to next week with losing players through injury or suspension.

“The scoreline is a very disappointing moment but certain things weren’t good enough and we really got punished.

“In the first half I thought that Spurs started much brighter. We gave them a lot of time and the first 10 minutes they created a few chances, but the goal is a very, very simple goal.

“We can’t even stop a cross and from then on we finished the half very, very strong and we looked the team who was starting to dictate things.

“But in the second half again, the goals we conceded, we only have ourselves to blame. And after that you’re just climbing a mountain.”

“It’s one of those freak results that happens and we need to make sure that we move on from this and it’s a day to congratulate Spurs,” he added.

“In any scoreline like that you have to give credit to the team that won the game. They looked very sharp but we made it very, very easy.

“You’ve got a dressing room full of winners and strong characters and that is something that is hard to take, especially when we’ve been very, very naïve in the first four goals.

“Overall, the mentality is not going to be a problem, we are going to react.

“Obviously we need to make many assessments and judge many things that we have done really badly today.”