Wigan owner believes Glazers would sell Man Utd for £1.5bn

Reports have previously suggested that the Glazers had rejected a £1.5billion bid for the club from the Middle East.

Whelan told Soccernet: “If someone put £1.5 billion on the table, there would be a very quick deal done indeed. There is no way the Glazers would say ‘no’ to that amount of money.

“It seems more realistic that they turned down £1.2 billion, but even that amount of money seems a lot to me, and I would have thought they would have been tempted by it.

“My view is that there isn’t many, if any, people out there willing to pay £1.2 billion or £1.5 billion. There might be one rich Arab, but I cannot see it, that is why if £1.5 billion was offered, the Glazers would accept it.”