Wolves could sell star players

Wolves are currently bottom of the Premier League table.

He said: “I really want to talk about us staying up because, if we hold on, I believe we will be a much better team next season.

“Players want to stay in the Premier League.

“Aston Villa didn’t want to sell James Milner, Newcastle didn’t want to lose Andy Carroll and Manchester United didn’t want to let Cristiano Ronaldo go.

“Now look at Fernando Torres. The players have most of the power.

“We’re no different from other clubs but we will fight tooth and nail to do what’s right for this club and that might involve selling players.”

Wolves announced on Thursday a profit of £9.1million for the year ending May 31, 2010.

Moxey said: “We have spent an awful lot of money but we’ll make a profit again this year, although not as much.

“A football club requires constant feeding.

“It’s a perpetual thing. Profit shouldn’t be a dirty word. We need to make a profit because we also want to continue to invest in new players.

“The bigger clubs all make profits but they might have huge debts to service – and some other clubs make big losses.

“You shouldn’t necessarily look at the situation over one year. Look at them over five years.”