Yorke warns Ronaldo

Yorke insists there will be only one winner if Ronaldo starts a battle and that is Sir Alex Ferguson.

Yorke told The Sun: “When you look at what is happening at United — going for the title and in the Champions League final — everything is great.

“Then you get someone behaving like that.

“To throw away his tracksuit top and huff and puff is uncalled for and out of order, there is no need.

“The manager will not be happy. He is the manager, he makes the call.

“You can go and see him in his office if you have a grievance but to act like that in front of millions of people will offend Sir Alex.”

Yorke warned: “The fans will always be on Fergie’s side, there is always going to be one winner. You don’t want to upset him in the manner Ronaldo did. The manager makes these decisions for a reason and he doesn’t often get it wrong.

“On Sunday they were cruising at 2-0, there’s another game on Wednesday and Ronaldo has to understand that this is a team thing, not about any individual.

“I would be disappointed if I was subbed but not show it in the manner Ronaldo did.

“I am sure the manager will have had a word with him and show him who is boss.”