Arteta pledge his future to Everton

The Spaniard said after his goal against Bolton: “Maybe the goal will be shown on Spanish television, maybe people will notice. But I want to make one thing clear because I have been reading some things I was supposed to have said that I will have to move from Everton to get into the Spanish squad.

“I wasn’t happy with that, very angry because I did not say it. I want to stay here, I had the chance in the summer to leave but I am more than pleased to be here.

“If I cannot get into the Spanish squad it is because there are better players than me, or the manager likes other players, but never because I am here playing for Everton.

“You need to be happy every day in your work, and I am happy here. That is more important than anything else. I want to be at Everton, it is a choice I have made.”