AZ’s Jaliens praise Newcastle striker Martins

Jaliens said of Martins: “Obafemi Martins was a threat, an unbelievable threat to us. Louis van Gaal had shown us videos of what he was capable of before the game so we knew he was good.

“But we didn’t know he was that good. The most dangerous threat in his game is when you come up against him in a one-on-one situation on the halfway line. When that happens, you know you have a serious problem.

“With our football style we made it too difficult for ourselves and took too many risks and Martins got too many one-on-ones.

“Every time Newcastle got the ball it went straight to their strikers. We’re not used to that playing style.

“We were overwhelmed by half-time by their quality in front of goal and the way in which Martins and his mates took their chances. There are no teams in Holland who play like that and we have not seen many English teams convert their chances like that this season.”