Bellamy relieved after Premiership goal

He told Liverpool’s official website: “My performance wasn’t anywhere near the level I want it to be at. But maybe this will help me in a different way and kick-start my season.

“It’s probably all down to me, really. Because you’re desperate to do well, you probably try too hard at times and not getting a goal early on probably weighed a bit heavy on me. It can affect players.

“Usually I’m quite good with that, but it did start to affect me and I was disappointed in myself. Hopefully this goal will help me go on from here.

“I’ve missed one or two chances and that can take over then. Nobody talks about performances, they only talk about goals. I’ve not got as many goals as I’d like and I’ve let that play on me a little bit because I’m desperate to do well here.

“I’ve tried too hard and, sometimes, that can go the other way. But you have to show character and get on with it.”

“I didn’t score my first league goal until November last year with Blackburn. No-one cared. But you would have known if I’d gone to November with Liverpool. You’d be reading about it, hearing about it; it’s a completely different kind of club.”, he added.