Carragher: The target now is to catch Chelsea

Carragher told the Liverpool Echo: “We’ve had a good weekend, but there’s no point putting any pressure on ourselves.

“The target now is to catch Chelsea. That’s what Saturday’s result has done for us.

“We’ve given ourselves a chance of doing that, and if we can push ourselves into second, then we can have a look where we are.

“We’ve done well over the last few months and all the press coverage has been talking about Manchester United and Chelsea rather than us.

“It’s nice that some people are talking about us as well now, but sometimes it’s better when you can just quietly go on a run like we have.

“Everyone was asking whether Arsenal beating Manchester United was good for us, but for me we’ve still got to think it’s Arsenal and Chelsea we’re closest to and think we’re in a battle for second at the moment.”