Carrick: Man Utd keeping a close eye on Chelsea

Carrick said after the win over Reading: “I heard a big cheer as we were walking off so I assumed a big result had come in.

“And when I got in the dressing room I saw it on the TV.

“We are trying to focus on ourselves but it is obviously nice if they are dropping points and we are winning. That’s what we want.

“We’re not looking over our shoulders as such but once you win, it is a case of job done, and you move on to the next one.

“I think you can only look back at results on a certain day at the end of the season and then say ?that was a big day for us’. Because up and until then we are not getting carried away.

“There are an awful lot of points to play for. We’re in a great position at the moment but by no means is it over.”