Chelsea boss Mourinho enjoying Premiership life

He said: “I like the football here where every game is full and people go to enjoy it. People respect it. Almost in every stadium, I hear the song ‘f*** off Mourinho’ but I don’t interpret it as offence, but as part of the game.

“In the streets, it is very easy to live because of a lot of respect. It doesn’t happen in other cultures.

“In Portugal, if you are Porto coach you cannot go to Lisbon a lot. If you are a Benfica supporter and you cross with a Sporting supporter, it’s not easy.

“In Spain, it is even worse. You could see the reception for example in Valencia before the game, people are aggressive – they go to the game with a different feeling.

“I think here is fantastic. And the fact we play a lot of competitions is fantastic.

“I like the structure in the clubs, the typical philosophy, the meaning of the director and the manager and the working relations between one and the other. It’s different from what you normally get.

“If one day I go back to these countries and these cultures, I will try to change their ways to England’s.”