Fergie has no problem with Man Utd fans’ protest

United fans have started wearing the colours of the club in its original form as Newton Heath in protest against the club owners, the Glazer family.

Fergie said: “It’s not a concern. It just shows you we have fans who care for the club.

“Every fan has a right to complain about what they think is right.

“We also have to run the club the way we think is the right way to do.

“And I think we are doing the right thing with the club.

“The foundation of the club is just the same as it has been for the last few years.

“We have a good youth set-up, the first team are doing well and that’s what concerns me more than anything at all.

“Obviously there are fans protesting and we understand where it is coming from but we carry on with the football side of it.

“I’ve made my point to the supporters, as long as it doesn’t interrupt or interfere with the progress of the team, and I think they realise that.”