Hildebrand unhappy at Valencia

Hildebrand wants to leave the Spanish side in the January transfer window.

“I have not received any sign and I feel like I am not wanted,” he explained. “I am very unhappy with my current sporting situation.”

“The club have shown me in the last few weeks that I am of no use to them. I have tried to work hard and train over the past two months in order to be ready and I never let my head drop.

“But it is obvious that on occasion I am not going to find it funny. Not funny at all.

“There is no big news though. I have not played for two months, apart from a friendly against Alzira.”

“I have taken the initiative and have spoken to the bosses, the coach, Unai Emery, and the sporting vice president, Fernando Gómez, and what was said is personal,” he continued.

“I am professional enough to know that the coach sees no reason to change things. Things are going well for the team, but this does not change things for me.”