Inter Milan coach Mancini: Ibrahimovic is a phenomenon

Mancini told Inter Channel on Monday evening: “Ibra is a phenomenon and, like I have always said, he can improve tremendously. I think he can get to the point where he decides when and how to score. Which is what he did in the second half yesterday, but he can do it all the time because he has the ability.

“He can still improve a lot, but he is extraordinary in everything he does.

“Players know their ability and know when they haven’t played their best game or when they’re a bit below par.

“His was a nice gesture towards everybody, but he did his best in Valencia. He might just have lacked a bit of aggression in front of goal.

“But this is football, and just like we accept all our victories so far, we also have to accept being knocked out of the Champions League, which I think happened undeservedly with two draws.

“But we shouldn’t make a drama out of things.”