Lille director: We have a lot of respect for Man Utd

He said: “It’s a very special game against United and we embrace our role as outsiders. It’s a very special feeling to face them but we can’t hide the fact that we’ll have to be great against them.

“We have a lot of respect for them – as we have a lot of respect for all the teams left in the last 16.

“Our record is good against them – two draws and one defeat when David Beckham scored in 2001.

“The first reaction is we would have liked to play another team as we’d have liked a good chance but we’re happy because we’ve got a good team.

“The Premiership has been dominated by Manchester United. Even Chelsea cannot keep pace with them so it’ll be a big match for Lille.

“We will look forward to playing this game and we don’t forget the Cinderella aspect of this draw.

“We still want to go all the way.”