Man Utd’s Ferdinand hits out at Roma ref

Ferdinand told reporters after the match: “I don’t want to make excuses or get myself in trouble, but I don’t think the referee had a very good game.

“In Europe it is apparent that the referees have an ignorance problem. You can’t speak to them, you try to talk to them in the best manner possible and they turn their nose up at you. Something needs to be done about it. There is no communication between the players and the referee, and that makes players frustrated.

“Some of the decisions on Wednesday night were laughable. If you saw me on the pitch you would have seen me laughing because a few of the decisions were that bad.

“Their players kicked the ball away and he didn’t do anything. There was a tackle on Gaby Heinze and the player didn’t get booked. It was a joke. Scholesy got booked for the same type of tackle, then he books Gaby for rolling the ball back.”