Pundit claims Rashford and Bruno must improve or leave Man Utd

Manchester United midfielder Bruno Fernandes
Manchester United midfielder Bruno Fernandes. Photo by Shutterstock.

TalkSPORT pundit and Manchester United fan Mark Goldbridge has hit out at Marcus Rashford and Bruno Fernandes.

Goldbridge insists the duo must improve or leave the club as he fears United can not win the Premier League title “with Bruno and Rashford as the key players”.

Goldbridge wrote on his column for TalkSPORT: “There is no doubt at the moment that Man United fans are very frustrated – it’s been really disappointing all season from Rashford and Bruno has fallen off a cliff as well. 

“The difference between them is that although he is not playing well Bruno never stops running, whereas Rashford won’t go in for a 50-50 very often, he won’t track back and the body language is really bad.

“It’s a major issue because going into the season they were our two most important players, and then neither of them are improving.

Manchester United striker Marcus Rashford
Manchester United striker Marcus Rashford. Photo by Shutterstock.

“They can both play better and I wouldn’t be making a decision on selling them at the moment because we’ve still got loads of the season left and we need them. If they recover their form in the next three months then things will change.

“But what I would be looking at in the summer is they’re light switch players now, you never know whether they’re going to be on or off, and if you want to close the gap on Man City, Liverpool and Arsenal, those teams don’t have these players. Bukayo Saka, Mohamed Salah, Erling Haaland, they’re ridiculously consistent and that’s something Rashford and Bruno struggle with.

“If they’re to stay, you’ve got to swallow them up with better and more consistent players. Are they willing to be second-best players because they’ve been the star players? I don’t know.

“I think there’s still a decision to be made in the summer because I don’t think you can win a Premier League title with Bruno and Rashford as the key players. 

“I think they can become side-acts and be part of the team, but that’s not what they’ve been at Manchester United, so you’ve got to have an honest conversation with them in the summer and say, ‘Look, if we’re keeping you you’re probably going to have a reduced role in terms of the star status in the team – can you deal with that or is it time to part ways for everybody?’”