Rio: Man Utd can win Champions League

He said: “It was a very professional performance from the lads.

“Maybe we were a bit cautious at times but this is the Champions League and teams can hurt you in an instant with one moment of brilliance.

“We know it’s going to get harder from here on in, though I think this result was proof of how far this team has come.

“I think last season we were a bit gung-ho a lot of the time and it didn’t pay off. So, hopefully, this result was a step in the right direction.

“I think this result has shown the maturity of the side. I’m just pleased there was an assured authority about the team, which we haven’t seen in the Champions League for a few years.”

He added: “It is wide open now. Barcelona have gone out, as have Real Madrid and Arsenal. But there are still some very good clubs left in the competition.

“We know it’s going to be difficult to go all the way and win. But we believe in ourselves.”