Rio: Ronaldo got it wrong

Real Madrid was trying to sign the United winger last summer and Ronaldo admitted he was interested in a move.

Rio told News of the World: “It’s true he didn’t say what a lot of people at the club wanted him to say during the summer, especially the fans.

“They didn’t want to hear him say he wanted to leave. He was badly advised and could have handled things better.

“But he’s a brilliant player. As much as Ronaldo likes his nice cars, houses, girls, watches, the guy is one of the top three-to-four per cent of professionals I’ve played with.

“Why do people hate him? Because he’s got everything. He’s a good-looking guy with every woman in the country after him, all the money in the world and he’s a fantastic player.

“And he’s not ashamed to walk with his chest out. Nothing wrong with that.”