Roy Keane slams Nottingham Forest’s handling of referee decisions

Nottingham Forest owner Evangelos Marinakis
Nottingham Forest owner Evangelos Marinakis. Photo by Shutterstock.

Roy Keane has expressed strong disapproval of Nottingham Forest’s reaction to recent refereeing disputes, highlighting a perceived lack of professionalism within the club.

Following a contentious match against Everton, which included controversial VAR decisions, Forest released a statement challenging the integrity of the officiating, particularly VAR steward Stuart Attwell’s role.

The aftermath of a previous match against Liverpool also saw disorderly conduct from Forest’s management, including a pitch-side confrontation by owner Evangelos Marinakis, resulting in hefty fines and bans for the club and coaching staff.

Keane, speaking on The Overlap’s Stick to Football Podcast, denounced these reactions, suggesting that his former club should maintain a higher standard of conduct despite frustrations with match officiating.

“Messy. Forest at the moment going back over the last few months with the ownership, I don’t think they’ve shown any class. That’s the way I’d look at it,” he began on what many regarded as one of the best football podcasts, before continuing calling into question to ownership’s conduct.

“The way they were carrying on, on the pitch, who was that against, Liverpool? They were all on the pitch, the statements coming out. You look at the ownership. I was lucky to play for Forest – brilliant club – but I don’t like that kind of behaviour at the moment with what they’re doing.

“They’re entitled to come out and defend themselves, fight their own corner of course, but looking over the last few years I don’t like what I see really with the behaviour at an ownership level.”