Tevez: I won’t let Man Utd boss Fergie down

Tevez is determined to complete his move from West Ham to Old Trafford.

Tevez told The People: “Through my backers, I have given my word to Mr Ferguson. They have told him I’ll be at Manchester United next season, and once I make a promise I don’t go back on it.

“There isn’t a player who would turn down this opportunity, and the negotiations are too far advanced to go back now.

“I have been open and honest with West Ham every step of the way and I hope that the fans understand.

“It will be an emotional and special day whenever I return to play them. I had two very good offers from foreign clubs in January but I refused because I had unfinished business.

“It would have been easy to move on, but I couldn’t leave the club and the fans in that predicament.

“My representatives sat down with West Ham at the end of the season and once it became clear they were not going to sign me, they gave me permission to talk to other clubs, so I am surprised this is causing such a stink.”