Carragher: Proud to reach 300 Premiership games

Carragher told Liverpool’s official website: “Obviously I’ll be very proud to reach 300 Premiership games.

“In this day and age it’s getting harder for players to stay at one club for so long.

“Paul Scholes made it to 500 for Manchester United a few weeks ago, but I think with the number of players who have come into the game, you find teams completely change a lot more than they used to. The Bosman deal and arrival of so many foreign players has made a difference too.

“We’ve had three managers, and each time a new one comes in you find a lot of players leave and come in.

“Maybe it’s been a bit different for the Manchester United lads because they had the same manager for the whole of their career.

“When you’re not competing for the title, it changes every four or five years, so I feel I’ve been very lucky to have been given an opportunity to play under both Gerard Houllier and Rafa Benitez.

“I’ve played in every position except left wing and in goal. I once played right midfield at Spurs to man-mark Ginola which didn’t work – and I was a striker for the reserves.

“Now I’m in the position I’m happiest in. I just hope I can keep impressing Rafa Benitez and make plenty more appearances. My best memories playing for Liverpool have tended to be in the cup competitions, so it would be nice to have plenty more good Premiership experiences in the next few years.”