Macari hits out at Man Utd fringe players

Macari said: “Nowadays, coming back, doing extra work, trying to improve your game and force your way into a team and dislodge a player like Paul Scholes or Gary Neville, simply doesn’t happen.

“We’re talking about these players being international players. But everyone’s an international now, almost by default.

“There’s a lack of quality throughout the Premiership.

“There are a bunch of players who seem content to just stroll along week-in, week-out.

“I don’t think any of these fringe players come back to train in the afternoon and are determined to get in the team. I think they just accept they’re going to be part of a squad. To be a part of Manchester United is fantastic, but you need to drive yourself.”

He continued: “In the 70s and 80s the norm was that you worked at your game almost morning, noon and night. That’s changed dramatically now.

“We used to flog ourselves and only when you got to the top did you get your reward financially.

“When you’re an up -and-coming player, you’re trying to get into the team and past established players like I had to do when I started at Celtic.

“There were European Cup winners in front of me and the thought of ever getting into the team, I just couldn’t see it happening.

“But I had a manager who insisted I worked and grafted, along with the likes of Kenny Dalglish and Danny McGrain.

“We were made to come back every afternoon and work on our deficiencies. Deficiencies that Kenny had, funnily enough, he wasn’t a good goalscorer.

“I had no strength and no power, so I was made to come back and work.”